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  Our business is about the production advanced insulation materials to reduce energy consumption by enhancing energy efficiency. Aerogels have many applications but its biggest application is in the insulation industry.
Short History:
Green Earth Aerogel Technologies (GEAT) started as a non-profit research organization in the city of Sabadell east of Barcelona in 2008. GEAT was later officially recognized and registered by the Spanish government via the Ministry of Interior on 2010 in Madrid under the (Registro Nacional de Asociaciones). GEAT was founded by Fortunato Cardenas to develop new materials which was needed to fight climate change.
In 2011 a start-up company was founded under the same idea but with a purpose to generate income and exploit the technology in the production of aerogels from rice wastes and husks. Green Earth Aerogel Technology SL (Sociedad Limitada) is officially registered at the (Registro Mercantil de Barcelona) Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona. The company is registered in Barcelona since then.
GEAT Office in Barcelona
Recently opened factory in Masquefa 2015