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  Green Earth Aerogel Technologies (GEAT) is the largest producer of aerogels in Spain with a production capacity of 1500 liters per day. Our aerogels have been certified and tested by Applus Testing company and Certified by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) via the Electron Microscopy Services.  
GEAT uses eco-friendly raw materials using eco-friendly methods. When available, we use water glass from rice husk to produce premium quality aerogels for various applications. We make both carbon aerogels from rice wastes and silica aerogels from rice husk ash.  
GEAT Aerogels are advanced materials produced using nanotechnology. It contains nano sized bubbles that makes it an excellent insulation material.  
Our aerogels are used in many industrial applications such as insulation for pipes, tubes and wires in combination with polymers. Aerogel fine powders are used as paint additives and putty components to make fireproof and insulating protective coatings. Granulated aerogels can be used as filler for translucent walls, windows and roof. Small particles of aerogels can be used as filler between woven fiberglass to make insulating flexible blankets for curved surfaces.  
Updated August 2015
Legal Notice:  As required in  Spain